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A Review of Exide Batteries

Manufacture's Profile

The makers of Exide batteries, Exide Industries Limited is an Indian storage battery systems headquartered in Kolkata, India. The company is the largest manufacturer of automotive and industrial lead-acid batteries in India and fourth largest in the world. (Exide is the only brand which supplies batteries to the Indian Navy.) Exide has 7 manufacturing plants in India, Singapore and Sri Lanka and a dealership network in 46 countries spanning 5 continents. Exide also has four major lead-acid battery recycling facilities — two of which are in the United States, with one in Spain and Portugal each. Exide says that 99% of lead processed through its facilities is recycled.

Exide India Vs. Exide USA

Exide Industries Limited (Exide India) is not to be confused with the American multinational battery manufacturer Exide Technologies (Exide USA.) Actually, a fifteen year-long legal dispute between the two companies over the 'Exide' trademark was settled in 2012. The dispute began in 1997 when the US based Company ‘Exide Technologies’ entered the Indian market, where Exide India was already present over the decades selling automobile batteries under the EXIDE trademark.

As soon as Exide USA started operations in India, Exide India filed a lawsuit for infringement of trademark in Delhi High Court. After a significantly long legal conflict, the Court in 2012 restrained Exide USA from using “Exide” trademark in India. On the back of a bankruptcy filling in its native USA, Exide USA appealed the court's decision which was again dismissed though it was granted that there was neither infringement nor passing off done by Exide USA as the two companies were genuine users of the trademark. Exide USA would appeal to the Supreme Court which also dismissed the appeal forcing the two companies to settle out of court in 2017 on the terms that Exide USA waives any rights to the "Exide" trademark in India to Exide India in perpetuity.


Exide makes both tubular and flat plate inverter batteries. Its tubular inverter batteries are manufactured using a proprietary technology called Tubular Torr Technology. The technology employs a high-pressure HADI casting process and casts the spines of the battery with low antimony lead alloy, copper, selenium and tin.

This protects the battery from anodic corrosion. It also gives Exide tubular batteries the following advantages:

  • A fast recharge rate

  • A low self-discharge rate

  • Protection from overcharging

  • Resistance to high temperatures

  • Extra-long battery life

A Battery Spine (Source: GrabCAD)


Exide tubular batteries like the Exide Invatubular™ uses a smart technology that seals the active material in polyester tubes called gauntlets, instead of transferring it on the plate’s surface. Thus, there’s no shedding or corrosion of the plates, ensuring longer battery life. This also makes Exide tubular batteries tough and durable and capable of operating in extreme temperatures as well as bearing the vagaries of frequent and prolonged power outages.

Types of Exide Inverter Batteries

Exide makes both flat-plate batteries and tubular batteries. Exide offers flat-plate batteries under the Exide Supergel, Instabrite and Invaking with capacities ranging from 88Ah to 180Ah. The Supergel is maintenance-free.

Exide offers tubular batteries in the following ranges Exide Inva Gold, Exide Invatubular, Exide Invamaster, Exide Tubemaster, Exide Inva Plus Tubular, Exide Inva King and Exide Insta Brite with capacities reaching up to 200Ah.

We help our clients in Lagos and elsewhere in Nigeria make the best possible choice of batteries that meets their power needs and fits their budget. Exide batteries come highly recommended from SolarKobo. Considering Nigeria's rugged power environment, Exide batteries are built to bear the vagaries of frequent and prolonged power outages. They not only guarantee the highest performance of any tubular batteries in the local market, they compete favourably with other brands on price.

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