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Blue Camel Energy

By way of keeping our clients informed of developments, in our Profile Series, we will profile stakeholders, companies and players in the Nigerian renewable energy industry.

Company Profile

Blue Camel Energy is a renewable energy and backup power solutions based in Kaduna. Blue Camel Energy was founded in 2010 by an economics graduate of the Bayero University, Kano State and a former employee of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), Suleiman Yusuf. Mr Yusuf is also the CEO of Blue Camel. Blue Camel's office address is No. 4 Maichibi Close off Pan Drive, Kakuri, Kaduna South LGA, Kaduna State.

Blue Camel is a founding member of the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN). It has undertaken projects in the banking, agriculture, healthcare, education and real estate industries as well as in rural electrification projects. It has undertaken projects for government agencies including the Federal Inland Revenue Services, the National Identity Management Company (NIMC), the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and the Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate (PTAD). Blue Camel says it has provided power solution to over 3,500 homes and offices in Nigeria.

Services and Products

Blue Camel Energy is a full-service solar company as well as a stockist, retailer and distributor of a wide range of inverters, UPS, batteries and other solar electricity products. Blue Camel Energy offers consultancy services, project design and installation services and repairs and maintenance of installed inverter systems, battery storage systems, hybrid solar systems, UPS, solar water heating and pumping systems as well as solar streetlights.

Street Lights Installed By Blue Camel in Kaduna. Source: Blue Camel

Solar Lights Assembly Line

Blue Camel Energy has a very strong presence in the solar streetlight and LED light sector of the local renewable energy industry. It installs all kinds of lighting: garage lights, garden and walkway lighting, signage lights, refrigeration units, and energy roofing tiles all powered by solar energy. Blue Camel Energy has installed streetlights in major cities of Nigeria including Zaria, Yola, Kaduna and Abuja. With a strong presence in Kaduna State, Blue Camel has played a prominent role in Governor El-Rufai's administration 'Kaduna Urban Renewal Project'.

Alongside a Blue Camel™ inverter and a water distribution system, Blue Camel has an assembly line of Blue Camel™ solarstreet lights and LED lights. Initially assembling only 40 and 80-watt Blue Camel™ solar street lights, in July 2020, Blue Camel launched a new LED assembly line that is expected to produce over 80,000 units of locally-assembled LED energy saving light bulbs every year.

In January 2010, Blue Camel announced that it had received the Standard Organization of Nigeria’s MANCAP certificate for four of its locally-assembled products: its solar lights, traffic lights, solar-powered kiosk (Solar-Fi Hub) and its LED bulbs. Blue Camel also has its own branded solar dryer for vegetables.

Solar-Fi Hub

Blue Camel also developed an all-in-one business unit or kiosk, the Solar-Fi Hub. With the Solar-Fi Hub, Blue Camel intends to solve the Nigerian micro-infrastructural problem for small businesses. The Solar-Fi hub is a kiosk outfitted with a cooling system, refrigerator, beverage makers and a television all powered by solar panels.

Blue Camel Academy

In April 2018, Blue Camel Energy launched the Blue Camel Renewable Energy Academy in Kaduna State. The academy was launched by the governor of Kaduna State, Nasir Ahmed El Rufai. The Blue Camel Renewable Energy Academy teaches courses in renewable energy as well as in carpentry, painting, plumbing and general workmanship related to the industry. The Academy also teaches courses in entrepreneurship. Blue Camel plans to charge up to ₦200,000 as its tuition fee for a 4-6 week course. Students would cover their accommodation.

In association with agencies and organisations like the Department for International Development (DFID) and other donor organizations centred around indigent youths, Blue Camel Renewable Energy Academy identifies persons who cannot afford to pay its tuition fees and trains them for free. Upon completion of training, its students will work on projects for the company and in its assembly line.

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