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Recent Project at Isolo, Oshodi, Lagos

SolarKobo engineers designed and installed a hybrid power system integrating a solar panel, an inverter and a battery for a client at Oshodi, Isolo, Lagos. The system was designed to support grid power and to provide backup power for basic home appliances and light bulbs for up to 5 hours.

Solar Panels

One (1) 535W Jinko half-cut monocrystalline solar panel was used in designing the system.

The choice of a half-cut cell solar panel for this installation was decided by space considerations as well as market realities. Since at least 2019, half-cut panels have been displacing the traditional mono and poly panels. Manufacturers of high-powered panels, that is panels that are rated from beyond the 360W that is the optimum for most panels, to panels with power ratings up to 600W, now exclusively depend on half-cut technology.

In a half-cut solar panel, more solar cells can be squeezed into the module without any significant increase in the size of the panel, while at the same time reducing the resistance of the module. Learn all about half-cut solar panels here. And about the different types of solar panel technologies here.

a solarkobo installation

Inverter, Charge Controller and Battery

A 0.9kVA Amaze inverter and one Solarkobo battery were used in the installation. A pure sine wave that produces clean, noiseless and completely non-hazardous electricity for appliances, this brand of inverter was used in designing the system both for the sake of price but also bearing in mind the harsh power environment under which the system would to be operated.

The system also incorporates a 40A Epever MPPT charge controller. The charge controller serves as the voltage and current regulator in the system. It also produces regulated charging for the battery.

Epever is a Chinese brand. They advertise their controllers for high MPPT efficiency rating of no less than 99.5% making them the king of controllers. With supreme technology, Epever adds a second attraction to their controllers, they are very cost-friendly. This is often the case with Chinese brands. Read more on why Epever charge controllers come highly recommended here.

Battery Monitor

A distinctive feature of this installation is the battery monitor. A battery monitor is a standard requirement by SolarKobo for an inverter and battery warranty.

A battery meter or monitor can help users keep track of the battery performance to maximize efficiency. They can also be used to remotely configure the battery system. Learn all about battery monitors here.

Protection Features

In addition to the protection features provided by the inverter against reverse current, overload and overcharge, the system incorporates extra protection features including AC and DC circuit breakers and surge adapters. They offer additional protection to the client's investment. They also make it easy and safe to disconnect the system from the panels in the case of emergencies like lightning that could damage the inverter or solar panel fires.


Designed for a residential space, the solar panel were mounted on the roof and the batteries, charge controller and inverter installed in a non-living area of the house.

a solarkobo installaton

SolarKobo helps its clients in Lagos and everywhere in Nigeria figure out their power needs and make the best possible choice of all solar products including batteries, solar panels and charge controllers. We also have university-trained engineers who provide the best possible installation services on order.

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