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Recent Work at Ikota, Lekki


At 5kWh, this is a medium-to- large residential solar installation. This project was a hybrid power system that would be grid-tied but not necessarily dependent on it. It was designed for constant use not merely to provide a few hours of backup power. It featured the following components:


1. Twelve (12) 450W half-cut Jinko Solar panels connected in 2 strings of 6 panels each and mounted on the roof;

2. Twelve (12) 600Ah Amaron Quanta sealed, maintenance-free, AGM batteries;

3. A 5kVA pure sine wave Axpert hybrid inverter;

4. DC and AC circuit breakers and surge adaptors for additional protection to the system.

SolarKobo helps homeowners and businesses in Lagos and elsewhere in Nigeria figure out their power needs and make the best possible choice of all solar products including batteries, solar panels and charge controllers that meet their peculiar power needs and fit their budgets. We also have university-trained engineers who provide the best possible installation services on order.

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