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Ritar Batteries

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Manufacturer's Profile

Ritar Batteries are made by a Chinese company, Ritar Power. Ritar Power was established in May 2002. Ritar International Group is headquartered in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China and has 3 manufacturing bases in Shenzhen, Hengyang (China) and Vietnam, with over 2,000 employees.

Ritar batteries are built to IEC, JIS and BS standards. Ritar batteries are highly regarded by installers, users and marketers. They are designed to operate under very tough power requirements.


The most important feature of all Ritar batteries is that they are valve-regulated. VRLA batteries are batteries constructed to eliminate the need for constant checks and to eliminate the emission of fumes or gases on a continuous basis and the attending dangers. They are completely sealed and therefore eliminate the risk of acid spillage during transportation. Due to their construction they can be mounted in any orientation.

They are thus, maintenance-free batteries. Read more here.

Also, they are built with a low pressure venting system.

Ritar Battery Series

Ritar makes a range of flooded batteries, OPzV, OPzS, AGM, Li-ion and Gel Cells for solar and inverter storage use. They also have a range of lead carbon batteries.

DG Series (2V/6V/12V, 6Ah~3000Ah)

Batteries in this series are deep cycle Gel VRLA batteries. They can deliver 400 cycles at 100% DOD. They are suitable for solar, CATV, marine, RV and deep discharge UPS and telecommunication, etc.

DC Series (2V/6V/12V, 6Ah~3000Ah)

Ritar batteries in this series are AGM batteries.

OPzS Series (2V, 250Ah~3000Ah)

Batteries in this series are 2volt batteries. Read about OPzS batteries here.

OPzV Series (12/2V, 60Ah~3000Ah)

Ritar batteries in this series are tubular plate batteries with gel electrolyte. Read about OPzS batteries here.

Lead Carbon Series (12/2V, 75Ah~3000Ah)

Ritar has a range of lead carbon batteries.

SolarKobo is an authorised dealer of Ritar batteries in Nigeria. Ritar batteries have been a trusted feature of our installations. They come highly recommended by other dealers too.

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