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Solar Wireless Keyboards

Solar-based technologies are finding applications in virtually all aspects of life, providing alternative energy solutions and widening the range of options available to us. We've covered solar air-conditioners, solar car chargers, solar generators, solar water pumps, solar laptop chargers, solar water heaters, solar freezers, solar streetlights, solar roofs, etc. This article will cover another solar energy solution, the solar wireless keyboard.

A solar wireless keyboard or a pv keyboard is a wireless keyboard that works like all other solar-powered devices, that is by charging an in-built Lithium-ion battery from a light source such as the sun or interior lighting. In 2010, the first solar-powered keyboard was offered by the most renowned brand for wireless keyboards, the Swiss company, Logitech.


The pv keyboard provides an input interface for computer users just like the traditional keyboard, with a few extra adaptations. But its major proposition is that it removes the challenge of wireless computer peripherals, like the keyboard and the mouse, requiring regular replacement of discharged batteries. For this reason, solar wireless keyboards are sold as wireless keyboards that 'last forever without new batteries or recharging'.


They not only incorporate solar cells but also Li-ion batteries that hold the charges for very long hours. Logitech says that a full charge can last the user for three whole months of total darkness! And it takes a little above two to three hours for a full charge.

Durable Solar Panels

Most brands build the solar panels installed on the keyboards to be shatter- and scratch-proof.

Low-Light Performance

Another significant feature of the wireless keyboard is that they can be charged with indirect sunshine or interior light! That they are solar-powered does not mean that they have to be used 'outside'.

Some Come With A Mouse Combo

Some come with a mouse.


They are compatible with both Apple and Microsoft. There are adaptations for use on tablets, iPads and android phones.

They mostly incorporate the Windows shortcuts featured on standard keyboards like Play/Pause, Previous Track, Next Track, Open System Settings, Print, File Save, Lock Windows PC, Open Calculator, Mute, Volume Up and Down, Brightness, etc.


The Logitech incorporates a solar app that show the state of charging of the keyboard. Other brands include indicators in the hardware.


They are lightweight and ultra-thin and are designed for an elegant and sleek aesthetic and finishes that match modern computers.


Some of the best brands come with backlight that illuminates the letters and symbols on the keys to make them visible in low light environments.

Top brands the offer pv-keyboard in addition to Logitech include Macally, Arteck, Xcellon, GCell, ZHEN LI, Jelly Comb, etc.


Solar wireless keyboards are not a 'China' thing. They are a big deal. (Both Apple and Dell sell Logitech on their stores.) Konga offers the K750 on its stores for N50,000! The conventional wireless keyboards sell for just 10% of that amount and less in some cases. The Logitech ERGO K860 is offered for $150 on Amazon, minus shipping costs. Like most solar-powered solutions, they are rather way too expensive for the average Nigeria buyer but they give a full return on the investment in the long run.

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