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If you want a top-technology battery for power backup systems that offers long life performance that will save you a lot of stress, the GasTon brand is an excellent choice. Gaston is one of the few battery brands in our market that are trusted for consistent quality performance. For real value, high-efficiency batteries like Gaston are where to invest one's hard-earned money. 

GasTon VRLA GT-M range batteries adopt the design of barren electrolyte, utilizing AGM (microporous glass fiber) separator. Thus there is an oxygen path existing between the positive and the negative plates. Also non-antimony grid is chosen to increase hydrogen evolution over-potential on the negative plate, which prevents generation of hydrogen

GasTon batteries offer the higher level of performance and are reserved for those who want a real high quality battery. Here’s why GasTon stands out:

  • Reliable seal performance, no acid spillage to cause equipment erosion.
  • Really long design life and low self-discharge.
  • Compact structure, shock-proof and high specific energy design.
  • Reliable Seal Technology
  • Container and lid made of reinforcing ABS plastic. Adopt new-type glue which can combine to ABS strongly. The glue conquers epoxy’s weaknesses of aging and brittleness. And ensures no leakage of solution between container and lid.
  • Explosive proof valve with an acid filtering structure. If the pressure inside the battery exceeds a certain value, the safety valve will automatically open to decrease the pressure. The acid filtering structure in the safety valve prevents emission of acid mist when the safety valve opens.
  • Excellent high rate discharge performance

Gaston 200AH 12V Deep Cycle Battery (Nigeria)

₦240,000.00 Regular Price
₦200,000.00Sale Price
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