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Outback inverter for convent in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Outback is one of the highest quality inverters in the world. It is rugged, long-lasting and extremely configurable. It also has pretty detailed specifications. For instance, its specifications let you know how long it can be run at various levels of overload. This is important for powering loads like freezers and air conditioners that draw more power at start-up. That way, the inverter can be sized for the average power rather than the start-up power. Outback inverters were also one of the first to allow configuration of cutoff at various battery levels which is essential for preserving battery life. The inverters also have one of the highest charging currents which means one of the fastest bulk charging phases on the market. An essential feature in Nigeria where the power may go out at any time. Given these and other features, it's no wonder that discerning customers that can afford it go for Outback. Just like this convent at Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. Given the daily power supply from a generator, we did not need to install a solar system here.

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