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Extend the life of your inverter/solar batteries with our free and simple-to-use

Power Monitor System

Contact, 08062520417 if you will like us to help with setup.


Or see instructions below to set it up yourself


How does it work?

Batteries fail before their time when issues go undetected.
Our system allows you to detect battery issues early and offers recommendations for dealing with them proactively to extend the life of your battery.
Our detection is based on the number of times your battery goes flat each week and how long the battery lasts before going flat.

What do you need?

Contact if you will like us to help with setup.
  1. An internet-connected Android phone that will be permanently plugged to an inverter/solar outlet. This can be an old phone you are no longer using. We can also recommend some affordable phones if you don't have an old one.
  2. Your regular, everyday Android phone to receive notifications about your system.

How to get started

Contact if you will like us to help with setup.
  1. Install the Power Monitor Companion app on the Android phone that is plugged into an inverter/solar system outlet.
  2. Install the Power Monitor app on your regular Android phone.
  3. Follow the prompts to set up the Power Monitor app, entering a name for your system, your location and your system specifications.
  4. Click the button in the top-right of the Power Monitor app and go to Token Generation. Then click on GET BATTERY TOKEN.
  5. Enter the token in the Power Monitor Companion app.
Also, see our usage guide.
That's it! You are all set for monitoring. You will get notifications with recommendations for extending your battery life.
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