Inverter batteries are usually a significant budget, a major reason every user has strong concerns about battery performance and durability. Once a user has got the battery right, with reasonable assurance of long battery life, the satisfactory performance of the inverter system is over 90% assured. The inverter itself obviously has to work well, but most times that can be taken for granted. A faulty inverter can be repaired, but that's not so with the batteries. The the larger expenditure is on batteries, making the battery bank the most critical investment when you set up an inverter system. That's why you need a battery brand that can be trusted for performance!

There are many batteries out there, but Quanta is one that offers that kind of assurance you want. Quanta is designed to withstand stress and cope more effectively with the heavy usage that our acute power shortage induces. That's why the manufacturer assures you of long service life for Quanta battery. Even with the heavy usage batteries get subjected to in Nigeria, Quanta batteries averagely give well above two yours of active life. In all, you can be sure of your money's worth with Quanta battery. 

So, where lies the strength of the Quanta battery? It's in its advanced battery technology. As the manufacturers put it, Amaron Quanta is the product of fail-safe, fool-proof battery technology. Here are some of its great performance features and technology:

  • PPCP Containers with Low permeability to ensure that there is no water loss.
  • Side wall design to maintain structural integrity in high operating temperatures.
  • High Compression Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Separator for gre