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Go with the powerful features and advanced performance of the Su-Kam Falcon+ inverter series that offers the latest technology and you'll be sure of all-round satisfaction. The Sukam Falcon+ inverter is the new generation of the long-trusted and widely used Sukam Falcon inverter series. While that generation of Sukam Falcon inverter (800VA, 1400VA or 1.4kVA and subsequently 1500VA or 1.5kVA) made their mark as the low capacity inverters of choice in the market, Sukam has chosen to up the ante by infusing more advanced technology and premium features in the new generation of its Falcon range, now named Sukam Falcon+. 

Sukam 900VA Falcon+ is a 12V inverter, requiring a single battery to operate. Recommended battery capacities are 100Ah and higher, depending on total load and required backup time. The Sukam 900VA/12V Falcon+ is suitable 2 ceiling fans, 1 TV, say 6 low-energy bulbs, Satellite TV decoder, and home theatre for up to 6 hours backup. Increasing your load reduces the backup that's delivered, just as reducing the load increases your backup time. With prudent load management, you can achieve excellent backup performance without damaging your batteries with abusive deep discharge.

Su-Kam Falcon+ 900VA 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter

  • Equipped with ATC technology to regulate battery charging & extend battery life
  • 4th generation microprocessor for advanced performance
  • Dip Switch to enable user to Choose Battery Size according to need
  • No hassles Automatic Bypass
  • Resettable Fuse - No problem of Blown Fuses
  • Choose & set your battery cut-off level to manage battery life
  • Low voltage tolerance - charges battery at as low as 90V current
  • High Crest Factor - big load capacity
  • Wider Frequency tolerance of 42-65 means better Generator Compatibility
  • DT-6S Six Stage Charging technology for best charging
  • Purposeful LED Indicators
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


(Lagos, Nigeria)

Su-Kam 900VA 12V Falcon Plus Pure Sine Wave Inverter (Nigeria)

₦78,000.00 Regular Price
₦58,000.00Sale Price
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