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A Review of SolaX Triple Power Battery

SolarKobo Score: 3.6/5

Introducing Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

Batteries have been in use for a rather long time both in standalone off-grid setups and in backup power systems. In recent years, however, there has been a significant surge in the popularity of domestic energy storage systems. One of the main drivers behind this trend is the desire for energy security.

Lithium-ion batteries, now recently being offered as 'energy storage systems' or ESS, that is, with advanced features and supporting components that may or may not integrate a hybrid inverter, MPPT capabilities and a battery management unit, and in 'modular' designs that make them easy to install and used as plug-and-play devices, have grown in popularity over the years. One of the many reasons for this includes the increase in research efforts. For instance, the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded for research in Lithium-ion battery technology. Also, the success of the Powerwall and the electric vehicle industry has had a profound effect on the ESS market especially. While lithium-based battery cell technologies are still the costliest of the existing battery technologies, production costs are being driven down by optimal manufacturing processes to meet the boom in demand and more competition that has driven major players in the solar industry into the energy storage segment of the market.

Solax triple power batteries stacked

Manufacturer's Profile

SolaX Power Co. is a Chinese manufacturer of photovoltaic systems, energy storage, batteries, monitoring systems, and electric vehicle charger products. Headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China but with offices in Australia, the UK, Germany, The Netherlands and the USA. Though SolaX delivered its first inverter in 2012, its first inverter in 2018 and its first ESS in 2020, it was founded back in 1998.

Their research and development efforts are supported through an affiliation with one of China's leading universities, Zhejiang University.

Triple Power Battery H9.0 9kWH With BMS Shown Atop
Triple Power Battery H9.0 9kWH With BMS Shown Atop

Key Highlights of the SolaX Triple Power

  1. SolaX makes its batteries with NMC cells, in partnership with giants, LG Chem. The NMC pouch cells is the choice cell technology used in many electric car manufacturers. They are safe and long-lasting. The unique Polymer 'pouch' flat laminated battery design (PH3) enables their batteries to have much higher energy density with increased reliability and safety. Designing the cell structure in this way reduces the likelihood of failure and enables an even distribution of heat across the cell area.

  2. They come with high nominal voltage capacities that makes them suitable for both low and high voltage installations.

  3. They come in modular and scalable design and in several variations of nominal capacities of 6.3kWh, 5.8kWh and 4.5kWh respectively that can be scaled up to 4 times. With the 5.8kWh enabling up to 25.2kWh.

  4. They are IP55-rated, allowing for outdoor installation though outdoor protection against adverse weather is required.

  5. They come in compact design that makes them space-efficient. Also, they are built to complement interior and exterior designs.

  6. They allow a Depth of Discharge (DoD) of 90% and more than 6,000 cycles. This puts it on par with most of its competitors.

  7. They are maintenance-free meaning that they do not require any maintenance checks during their entire lifespan. Their design eliminate worries about constant maintenance and the attending costs and potential hazards.

  8. They can be operated in temperatures reaching up to 55 degree Celsius.

  9. They come with BMS systems that allow for scaling whilst offering a high level of safety in case of battery failure.

  10. They can be monitored either on a web app or a smartphone app. This enables the user to see live data pertaining to current charge, historical charging data and even select charging preferences.

The Solax BMS-Parallel Box that Allows Scaling  up to 46kWH.
The Solax BMS-Parallel Box that Allows Scaling up to 46kWH.
Solax Battery management system for the Triple Power Series H
BMS for the Triple Power Series H


SolaX guarantees that its Triple Power batteries will retain at least 60% of its nominal storage with 90% DOD for either 10 years after the commissioning date or for a minimum energy throughput of 13.5MWh (4.5kWh battery) or 18.9MWh (6.3kWh) - whichever comes first. If the battery is found defective during this period, SolaX will undertake to cover its repair or replacement.

Our Thoughts

With a little less than 500 employees, offices in 6 countries and an annual revenue of $142 million in 2021, in comparison to its competitors that ship billions of dollars worth of energy storage products, SolaX is rather small company and this could make it difficult for them to execute warranty demands. A fast-growing company, SolaX has, however, quickly staked its own place in the energy storage systems market besides but not above more powerful and bigger brands like Jinko, Pylontech, BYD and Huawei.

Regarding quality, its cells are the LG Chem RESU cells meaning that they are assured for longevity, quality and safety. However, there are concerns about their compatibility with other inverters and are not off-grid capable. This makes them a less than flexible option. The partnership with LG Chem, however, reassures of their quality. Other significant attractions include its comparative low price points, which is the capital consideration for our clientele as well as its sophisticated design.

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