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A Complete Review of Era Solar Panels

SolarKobo Score: 3/5

Manufacturer's Profile

The manufacturers of Era Solar modules, Zhejiang Era Solar Technology Company, Ltd. is a Chinese company that was founded in January 2006. The company is devoted to the field of solar power generation systems; it produces, develops, and markets solar modules, solar lights, solar power banks, foldable solar panels, solar air-heaters and other solar electrical commodities, etc. Like most Chinese brands, Era Solar has a considerably strong presence in Nigeria.

Era Solar modules are by far one of the staple brands of solar panel modules in Nigeria. Like most Chinese manufacturers, Era Solar is driven towards the mass market rather than the premium market. This means that they are a very cost-effective options for high-performance solar modules at standard or economy price.

Range of Era Solar Panels

Era Solar produces panels of the traditional polycrystalline and monocrystalline cell technology with a considerably wide large output rating range of 180W to 400W. Era Solar offers panels made from the latest solar cell technology, half-cut solar cell and MBB cell technologies, with improved efficiency. (Read about the different types of solar panel technology here.)

All Era Solar modules come with an aluminium hollow-chamber frame on each side to support the panels.

Polycrystalline Panels

Era Solar offers two range of 5 MBB polycrystalline 60-cell solar panels, the ESPMC 270-290, with power ratings from 270W to 290W and the ESPMC 320-340 with maximum output power ratings from 320W to 340W and efficiency ratings of 16.5% to 17.7%.

Era Solar guarantees that its poly panels will retain 90% of their nominal power output after to 10 years and 80% up to 25 years.

era solar panel

Monocrystalline Panels

Most of the solar panels offered by Era Solar are made from monocrystalline PERC cells. Era Solar uses the PERC solar cell design and offers about 7 types of panels with power ratings ranging from 180W to 400W and efficiency ratings ranging from 17.2% to 20.2%.

The Era Solar ESPSA (Source: @EraSolarWorld)

All-Black Monocrystalline Panels

The ESPSC 290-310 and the ESPSC 315-325 feature all-black solar cells. In an all-black cell, the electrical contacts that connect the cells to each other and to the modules terminals, otherwise called fingers and busbars are generally not visible on the surface. They are installed on the rear side of the panel. They are much easier to visually integrate into roofs.

Era Solar ESPSC (Source @EraSolarWorld)

Half-Cut Panels

Era Solar offers two panel types made from half-cut monocrystalline cells, the 120-cell ESPSHC 350-380 with power ratings from 350W to 380W and the 144-cell ESPSHC 425-450 with power ratings ranging from 425W to 450W and very impressive efficiency ratings from 19.2% to 20.7%

Era Solar ESPSHC 450W
Unboxing the ESPSHC 450W (Source: SolarKobo)
Era Solar ESPSHC 450W
Unboxing the ESPSHC 450W (Source: SolarKobo)


Era Solar offers a 12-years product warranty. Era Solar also guarantees that its panels will retain 90% of their original output after 12 years and 80% after 25 years. Read more on solar panel warranties here.

Era Solar modules are built for high-performance while being offered at a mid-range prices.

SolarKobo is a nationwide stockist and distributor of Era Solar modules. We help our clients make the best possible choice of solar panels and other solar electricity products like batteries, charge controllers and inverters. We also have university-trained engineers who offer high quality installations services on order.

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