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A Review of Bluetti Solar Generators

What Are Solar Generators?

They are generators but unlike traditional generators that run on gasoline or diesel fuel, solar generators use the sun's energy using solar panels. They are often large rechargeable battery packs equipped with a range of features that make them incredibly useful. They integrate a UPS with surge protection, an inverter, and a line conditioner to provide you with AC power when needed. All these components, with the exception of the solar panels are incorporated together in one module removing the necessity of installation. They are also built to be portable and easily moved around unlike traditional solar energy systems.

They do not make noise like traditional generators, are built to last very long and do not use fuel or constant maintenance. Thus, though they cost way more higher than traditional fuel and gasoline generators, they can be a better investment over the long run. They also produce a cleaner and safer electricity than traditional generators that do not pose any risks to appliances that use them. Also and most importantly, they are more environmentally friendly.

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Manufacturer's Profile

Bluetti solar generators are made by the company Bluetti Power Inc., which is a subsidiary of the Chinese technology company Anker Innovations Technology Company Limited. Bluetti was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China.

Despite its few years in the industry, Bluetti has made significant strides in the realm of portable solar generators, battery backup systems, and foldable solar panels. Bluetti products have found favor not only among outdoor enthusiasts but also within the 'van life' community, enabling people to power essential devices and appliances in off-grid scenarios.

Just last year, Bluetti announced that its Nigerian online store would go live in May 2023, marking its first step into the Nigerian market. Since then, it has covered significant grounds.

The EB3A
The EB3A. Source: Bluetti

Key Highlights

LFP Chemistry

At the heart of Bluetti's solar generators lies Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology. This chemistry choice sets Bluetti apart, offering several advantages over conventional lithium batteries. LiFePO4 batteries are renowned for their safety, extended lifespan, and reduced environmental impact.

Relatively Longer Lifespan

Bluetti's LiFePO4 batteries are built to last, capable of enduring between 2,500 cycles (EB series) to 3,500 cycles (AC and B series) before reaching 80% of their original capacity. In comparison, other brands typically offer batteries with a 500-cycle lifespan. This longevity ensures that Bluetti solar generators provide reliable power for an extended period.

Portable Design, Foldable Solar Panels and MPPT Charge Controllers

Most Bluetti solar generators are designed to be easy-to-use portable and come equipped with the capability to charge from solar panels. Bluetti also manufactures its own foldable solar panels, designed to work seamlessly with their generators. The inclusion of MPPT solar charge controllers ensures maximum energy efficiency when charging from solar panels. Additionally, Bluetti provides standard MC4 connections, allowing compatibility so any compatible solar array can be used to charge its batteries. They include 5W wireless charging pads in all Bluetti Portable Power Stations.

Pure Sine Wave

They also incorporate pure sine wave inverters that produce clean and safe energy and multiple DC and AC outlets alongside USB outlets to direct them to appliances that use them.


They come with LCD monitors that display parameters related to charging and performance.

Smart Control

Bluetti has apps that can be used to remotely control the generators as well as log information.

Types of Bluetti Solar Generators

Bluetti offers a diverse range of solar generators with varying capacities, catering to a wide spectrum of energy needs. Their product lineup includes models with storage capacities ranging from 268 watt-hours to a robust 12.3 kilowatt-hours. Bluetti offers both compact and portable units or larger home backup solutions. Here are some of the notable Bluetti products:

EB55 Portable Power Station

The EB55 has 537Wh of storage capacity and can output 700W of continuous power (1,400W surge). It's a versatile option for powering devices away from home, whether in an off-grid camping setting, as an RV accessory, or for outdoor activities. The EB55 includes 11 outlets, making it suitable for charging multiple smartphones, laptops and powering appliances at the same time.

The Bluetti EB55
The Bluetti EB55. Source: Bluetti

AC200MAX Portable Power Station

The AC200MAX offers a maximum output of 2200W and 2048Wh capacity. It can be expanded to 5120Wh when paired with a B300 expansion battery (3072Wh per pack). This solar generator is capable of running a wide range of home appliances like refrigerators, TVs, and even air conditioners for extended periods, providing a reliable backup power source. Bluetti describes it as one of its most popular generators. It allows inputs from a wide range of sources, including AC units, solar panels as well as car chargers and lead acid batteries.

EP500Pro Home Backup Power Station

The EP500Pro boasts a battery capacity of 5120Wh and a maximum output of 3000W, making it more of an integrated home energy system than a solar generator. It is Bluetti's first of such. It can power high-wattage home appliances like refrigerators, electric kettles, microwaves, washing machines, and hair dryers for several days.

The EP500Pro Solar Power Station. Source: Bluetti


Bluetti offers competitive warranties on its products. While the warranty duration varies based on the product, Bluetti provides 24 months of coverage for its smaller portable solar generators and extends up to five years for its larger home backup solutions. Bluetti's LFP batteries' impressive longevity contributes to the reliability of their warranty, as LiFePO4 batteries are built to endure extended use. However, for those seeking even longer warranty coverage, the AC300 model, along with one or more B300 expansion batteries, comes with 48 months of warranty coverage.

A Few Caveats

Short Warranty

The warranty duration on smaller Bluetti generators is limited to 24 months. While LiFePO4 batteries offer extended lifespan, some competitors offer longer warranties.

Solar Panels Not As Durable As Rooftop Panels

Bluetti's solar panels have an ingress protection rating 56 and cannot be used in adverse weather. They aren't as durable as actual home solar panels. They aren't designed to be outside in adverse weather.


Also, for the times when they may need to be moved, the absence of wheels in some types of Bluetti solar generators could be a problem.


The larger home systems may in some instances, cost more than traditional solar panel and inverter systems of the same rating.

Bluetti's PV120 Foldable Solar Panel. Source: SolarReviews
Bluetti's PV120 Foldable Solar Panel. Source: SolarReviews

Bluetti's foray into the solar generator market has brought forth a range of products that stand out for their longevity, versatility, and reliability. The incorporation of LiFePO4 battery technology ensures not only safer operation but also an extended lifespan compared to conventional lithium batteries. The portable nature of Bluetti's generators, coupled with compatibility with their foldable solar panels, makes them an excellent choice for off-grid adventures or as reliable backup power sources during emergencies.

While the warranty coverage on some models aligns with industry standards, Bluetti's commitment to enhancing product durability and longevity is evident in its extended warranty offerings on flagship products. They are also rugged and can withstand constant handling and movement. Bluetti engages its customers well on online platforms. Its presence in Nigeria means that buyers can expect warranty and other claims to be attended to. Bluetti solar generators are strong, built to last and engineered to the best standards and come highly recommended by SolarKobo.

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