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A Review of Silfab Solar Panels

Updated: Jan 30

SolarKobo Score: 4.0/5

Manufacturer's Profile

The manufacturers of Silfab solar panels, Silfab Solar, is a Canadian solar panel manufacturer. Founded in 2010 by a consortium of international investors, Silfab is often described as a 'North American' solar company because its product line is manufactured exclusive in North America, that is, Canada and the United States. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, it has two other manufacturing sites in Washington.

Considering Chinese companies' domination of the industry in global markets, Silfab Solar joins other North American based brands such as Silfab Solar, Solaria, Misson Solar and of course Tesla, who are focused on supplying the expanding North American market.

Silfab solar modules are built for extreme weather conditions and to be able to withstand up to 5400 Pa front load, wind or snow.


For residential applications, Silfab currently has two different panel technology offerings, the Silfab Prime and Silfab Elite.

Silfab Elite

The Silfab Elite is made with back-contact cells to minimize conductive losses, reduce inter-cell gaps and give the panels a more attractive a sleek look. Silfab offers two Silfab Elite panels, SIL-410 BG (rated 380W and efficiency of 21.4%) and SIL-380 BK (rated 410W and an efficiency of 21.4%).

Silfab Prime

Silfab Prime panels are half-cut MBB panels that comes in two different panel types, the SIL-400 HC+ (rated 300W and 20.2% efficiency) and the SIL-300 HC (rated 400W and 20.2% efficiency).


Silfab sets itself above and apart other brands by offering high warranty coverages, a 12-year product warranty that can be extended to 25-years if the system was installed by a qualified Silfab installer, and a 30-year performance warranty. These warranties will cover any repairs from manufacturing deficiencies or if you notice your solar panels start losing efficiency. This warranty is above the industry standard of 10-year product warranty and 25-year linear performance warranty.

The technologies with which Silfab makes its panels are basic and nothing special, in comparison with other premium and near-premium brands that invest heavily in R&D efforts and continue to push boundaries. Also, with maximum power ratings at just 400W, Silfab solar panels are, in comparison with other brands now offering up to 600W panels, still less powerful. Buyers would require more roof space per watt with Silfab modules. But, at over 20% efficiency, it competes well with other high value panels.

Beside factors that add to the cost of solar in the US, namely, the extra safety requirements including arc-fault detection (AFCI) and the addition of rapid shutdown devices on every panel, panels made in China which populate our market, are cheaper due to lower manufacturing costs. Designed primarily for the North American climate, Silfab solar panels are not available in the Nigerian market. But in the North American markets, it enjoys a very high reputation for its performance.

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