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Astrum Energy

Updated: Feb 10, 2021


Astrum Energy Solution is a full-service solar installation company in Lagos, Nigeria. Astrum Energy has offices in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Enugu and Jos. Its head office is at Dozy Plaza 42, Olowu Street, Lagos. With up to twenty-three years as a player in Nigeria's renewable energy industry, Astrum Energy is one of the pioneers in Nigeria's solar industry.

An Astrum Energy Installation

Services and Products

Astrum Energy is a full-service solar company. Astrum Energy provides power auditing, system design, planning, installation and post-installation maintenance. Astrum Energy is also a retailer and distributor of solar energy products like inverters, batteries, charge controllers and solar panels.

Astrum Energy sells solar-inverter system plans. For residential installations, Astrum Energy offers a Starter Package (1KVA), a Bronze Package (2KVA), Silver Package (4KVA), Gold Package (5KVA), Platinum Package (7.5KVA) and a Diamond Package (10KVA). For businesses, Astrum Energy offers an SME Basic Package (15KVA), SME Plus (20KVA) SME Extra (30KVA). Depending on a client's power needs, Astrum Energy would design and install a bespoke solar power system with solar panels, inverters, solar charge controllers and batteries.

Astrum Energy allows its customers a Lease-to-Own, a 'Pay as You Go' and a 'Pay as You Save' payment options.

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