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Auxano Solar

By way of keeping our clients informed of developments, in our Profile Series, we will profile stakeholders, companies and players in the Nigerian renewable energy industry.

Company Profile

Auxano Solar Nigeria Limited is a renewable energy company and a full-service solar installation company based in Lagos, Nigeria. In September 2020, the United States Development Foundation (USADF) and Shell-funded investment company All On announced that it had provided Auxano Solar with a $1.5m investment fund to scale its operations over the next five years. According to All On, the investment would help Auxano expand its solar panel assembly plant capacity by over fifty percent. On December 2020, Auxano broke ground for its new and expanded solar panel assembly line.

In April 2020 alongside Arnergy, GVE and Lumos, Auxano Solar was chosen by All On to partner in the COVID-19 Solar Relief Fund for the deployment of power to emergency health care and emergency response centres in Nigeria. The company deployed the solar power solution at the COVID-19 isolation ward at the National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos.

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Auxano Solar is a full-service solar company. Auxano Solar provides consulting services for clients as well as project sizing, design and installation, site supervision, cost studies and post-installation management. Auxano Solar is also a retailer and distributor of solar energy products like batteries, solar panels, charge controllers and inverters.

Auxano Solar Panels

Auxano Solar is the first indigenous assembler of solar panels in Nigeria. Auxano solar panels are certified by the Standards Organization of Nigeria, (SON).

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