Luminous Inverters: A Review

Updated: Dec 27, 2019


Luminous is a staple brand in the Nigerian inverter market. It is one of Nigeria’s foremost and most reputable inverter brands. The makers of Luminous inverters, Luminous Power Technologies is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the $25 billion Schneider Electric Group with headquarters in India and a presence in over 36 countries, including Nigeria.


The brand enjoys a relatively high reputation among users, technicians and dealers. In a SolarKobo survey involving hundreds of respondents across Nigeria, Luminous inverters were found to be the most popular brand among Nigerian users. Of all SolarKobo’s installations over the last 3 years, Luminous is our second-most installed inverter brand, next only to Su-Kam.

General Description

Like all inverters, Luminous inverters convert alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC) from grid and standby generators and store them in batteries for use in appliances. Conversely, when the power sources are unavailable, the inverter converts DC back into AC for use in appliances.

Luminous inverters are pure sine wave inverters hence they produce little or no humming sound in appliances and less heat. They also have displays that show the state of the inverters, whether it is charging, in use or overloaded.

Home and Office Integration

Luminous inverters are built for home and office spaces. They are elegant, sleek and are meant to complement interior designs.

Battery and Appliance Protection

Luminous inverters are built with sophisticated technology to protect highly sensitive appliances. They have appliance protection features that protect the batteries from over-charge, deep-discharge and short-circuiting when the terminals are not properly placed during installation. Inverters with higher output capacities come with cooling fans to ensure that the inverters do not exceed maximum temperature safety limits.


Distributors offer a full twelve-months warranty.