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Microtek Inverters: A Review

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Microteck inverters are an Indian brand of inverters. Founded in 1986, Microtek makes a wide range of alternative power system products: inverters, hybrid inverters, solar inverters, solar panels, cables, batteries, battery monitors, inverter management suites and stabilizers. Microtek is a very popular and well trusted inverter brand in Lagos markets.

General Description and Features

  1. Microtek inverters are pure sine wave inverters. They use an MPPT/PWM algorithm to produce a smooth pure sine wave output. Appliances that use them run without a continuous humming or buzzing sound. Learn about the differences between pure and modified sine wave inverters here.

  2. They come in black and grey colours.

  3. They come in thick aluminium and plastic casings.

  4. Their inverters have UPS capabilities. Thus they are able to switch without the appliances turning off. (In fact, Mircotek describes its inverters as 'UPS'.)

  5. They have battery protection features that protect the batteries from over-charge, deep-discharge and short-circuiting when the terminals are not properly placed during installation or during use. They also have technologies that protect appliances that use them from damage.

  6. Their inverters with higher output capacities come with cooling fans to ensure that the inverters do not exceed maximum temperature safety limits.

  7. Microtek inverters are compatible with all types of batteries, solar panels and charge controllers.

  8. They come with graphical TDR and LCD displays for monitoring battery charge, mains status, charging mode, etc.

  9. They also have cooling fans that help regulate the temperature of the inverter to prevent overheating.

  10. Microtek inverters are built to protect the batteries that use them from deep discharge. Read about deep discharge here.

Home and Office Integration

  1. Microtek inverters come in black and grey colours that are meant to complement both interior home, office and exterior factory designs.

  2. They are noiseless and emit no fumes.

  3. They come in plastic and metal casings.

  4. They are sleek, compact and elegant.

  5. Some Microtek hybrid inverters have wall mount capabilities. Others are made for compact spaces, to be placed on racks, desks or left standing.

  6. Some Microtek inverters have rollers for easy movement.


Microtek offers up to 2 years warranty on its inverters.

Product Range, Features and Specifications

Microtek has a range of battery-based inverters (or UPS) and solar inverters.


Microtek Jumbo Model inverters are high-capacity inverters that use a PWM technology to give a pure sine wave output, with battery and appliance protection technologies.

They come in two different designs. The black design is for Jumbo inverters with output capacities of 2,500KW/24V, 4,000KW/48V, 3,000KW/36V, 3500KW/36V, 4,000KW/48V, 5,000KW/48V, and 6,000KW/72V.

The grey design is for the 6,500KW/96V, 9,000KW/120V, and 11,000KW/180V


M-SUN has a range of solar grid-tied inverters, bi-directional, a uni-directional hybrid inverter and a range of solar inverters.

M-SUN Solar Inverters

  1. Microtek has a range of solar inverters or 'Solar UPS'.

  2. They are hybrid inverters and can be used with a battery bank though they are built to prefer solar power. They can also be charged with grid power.

  3. They come with an in-built PWM solar controller.

  4. There are four inverters in this range. They are of a similar design and are differentiated only by their output capacities. They are the 935V/12V, 1135/12V, 1735/24V and 2035VA/24V.

  5. They have graphical and LCD displays for performance monitoring.

The M-SUN 935VA/12V

M-SUN Grid-Tied Inverters

  1. The main feature of the inverters in this series is that they are solar inverters made to tied to grid-power. In other words, they are made to export excess power into the grid.

  2. They are also made to be mounted on walls.

  3. They have displays and interface selections for grid monitoring.

  4. They come with MPPT solar controllers.

  5. Excess energy is channeled back into the grid to be sold. Read about this here.

  6. Inverters in this range have output capacities from 1KW to 20KW.

There are four inverters in this range differentiated according to capacities and design: 1KW, 2KW, 3KW, 5KW, 11KW and 20KW.

The 1KW to 5KW are available in this design.

M-SUN Uni-Directional Inverters

  1. They are off-grid hybrid inverters and thus can be charged either from a battery bank or solar panels. They are 'uni-directional' in the sense that they are made, to charge a battery bank with excess solar and then to draw from the battery bank in the absence of solar. Read more about hybrid inverters here.

  2. Inverters in this range are differentiated by output capacities and design.

  3. They come with an in-built solar MPPT controller.

  4. Their preferred option, solar or battery can be manually set.

  5. They are able to protect the batteries from deep discharge.

  6. They are able to protect appliances that use them from short-circuiting.

  7. They have input voltage range of 100-260V.

There are three inverters in this range. The M-SUN 1KVA/24V, 3KVA/48V, 2KVA/36V. They are differentiated by their capacities, input voltage and design. Photos are shown below.

M-SUN Bi-Directional Inverter

Microtek has one bi-directional solar inverter.

  1. It is a pure sine wave inverter.

  2. It is an on-grid hybrid inverter that is meant to maximize self-consumption.

  3. It can be programmed to draw power from battery, on-grid, off-grid power or solar panels.

  4. It has real-time monitoring software.

  5. It has controls and displays.

  6. It is meant to be mounted on walls.

  7. It can be adjusted for battery charging.

  8. It is able to export excess power into the grid. Read about this here.

Microtek inverters are relatively cheap and durable and can withstand rugged power and physical environments. They are based on the same Indian technology on which Sukam, Luminous and Genus inverters are built. They have a very impressive reputation in India. Sold as 'UPS', they have higher switch-over times than normal inverters.

Wherever you are in Nigeria, SolarKobo engineers will help you choose the right inverter that will meet your power needs and fit your budget.

You can find and read our reviews of other inverter brands on our blog. Stay tuned and like SolarKobo on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to receive a notification when a new review from our inverter review series is posted on our site. You can also leave a comment below if you would like a review of a particular inverter brand or model or if you have any questions about Microtek inverters.

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