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MTN Lumos PRIME and ECO: A Review

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

In December 2013, the Mobile for Development Utilities Programme awarded the Netherlands based company Nova Lumos or just 'Lumos' a seed grant to trial

the development of a mobile-enabled energy service with MTN Nigeria. The MTN Lumos solar kit first sold in May 2015. In 2016, Lumos launched a commercial expansion in

multiple MTN stores in multiple Nigerian states. Read the definitive review of the MTN Lumos kit in Nigeria here.

In August 2020, Lumos and MTN offered two new solar home systems (SHS), the Lumos Prime and Lumos ECO. (Lumos also offers the two systems independently as its own products and through its own distributors.) New offers or diversifications of the traditional MTN Lumos solar kit, the two systems allow users to spread costs over a period reaching up to four (4) years.


For a direct purchase, the Lumos Prime sells for N163,800, down from N204,750 on Lumos' Jumia store. MTN offers it at N235,000. The Lumos Prime requires a down payment of N32,300 and a monthly installmental payment of N7,300. The down payment includes the instalment for the first month.

The Lumos Prime come with two 80W solar panel for faster charging. The Lumos Prime's battery has a watt-hour rating of 330Wh and a total output power of 160W. It can power laptops, DC fan, radio, charge mobile phone, light bulbs.

Lumos ECO

The Lumos ECO requires a down payment of N25,500 and a monthly instalment payment of N5,500. The down payment includes the instalment for the first month. Lumos offers a direct purchase at N180,000. It comes with a 200Wh battery and can power LED-lights, USB charger points, fans, radios and small TVs.


For those who cannot afford a direct-to-own purchase, to be able to use the systems, Lumos allows an a monthly instalment or subscription plans over a period of four years that will cover the remaining cost.

*Lumos reserves the right to change the prices of its products without warning.

*Also, installation fees are not included. Customers are required to pay directly to installer depending on location.

Lumos offers free repair service on its systems for 4 years.

All Lumos solar kits are designed for basic users. They cannot power than one ceiling fan, a decoder, a laptop, LED and LCD Televisions, radios, etc. They cannot power tube televisions, desktop computers, washing machines, microwaves, deep freezers, electric cookers, water heaters, ceiling fans, blenders air conditioners and other high-capacity appliances. SolarKobo can recommend more reliable inverter systems that can be procured at a similar cost or even less with the help of an initial down-payment and a post-payment plan that can be spread over a period of twelve months.

Lumos Yellow Boxes are sold at select stores throughout Nigeria. MTN Lumos solar kits are sold in MTN stores nationwide.

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