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Recent Work At Abriba, Abia State

Project Description

At 1.5kVA, this system was rather small. As decided by a power audit that determined the peculiar energy needs of the client, the amount of grid power available to the client, installation space and his budget, the system was designed to provide up to six hours of backup power for basic home appliances.

Solar Panels

Four (4) monocrystalline Trina solar panels were used in designing the system. They were connected in two strings of two panels each. The traditional mono and poly panels are slowly leaving the market but in the mean time, they are great cost-effective options especially for small systems.


The system incorporated two (2) Amaron Quanta AGM batteries for storage and self-consumption. The role of batteries in a solar power system is provide the DC that is to be converted to AC by the inverter for use in appliances and to store energy produced from solar panels for later use especially in the absence of sunlight and grid power.

AGM batteries are the safest battery design. They emit gases only when severely overcharged. They eliminate worries about explosions, spillage and constant maintenance. They are also maintenance-free for life and do not require constant maintenance.

All Amaron Quanta batteries come with an Amaron-patented Radgrid heavy-duty corrosion-resistant alloy for positive grids to increase cyclic life in tropical environments. Designed to be aesthetically pleasing, they also come with terminal-protecting systems to prevent damage when mistakenly short-circuited.

They are compact, lightweight, factory-charged, explosion-resistant and environment-friendly. Amaron Quanta batteries also come with Instacharge, a patented paste recipe for excellent charge acceptance.

Read our review of Amaron Quanta Batteries here


The Sukam inverter was used in designing this system. The Sukam inverter is the oldest and, at least until recently, the most popular brand of inverter in the Nigerian market. Between November 2016 and June 2019, about 60% of all SolarKobo inverter installations were Su-Kam inverters.

The manufacturer of Su-Kam inverters was an Indian company, Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd that was liquidated by authorities in India in 2019. This means that Su-Kam inverters will soon totally exit the market. However, their presence in the market is a testament to their stellar reputation.

Charge Controller

The system incorporated a 60A Ep-solar MPPT charge controller. The work of charge controllers in a power system is to regulate the charging from solar panels. In other words, they serve as both chargers and voltage regulators.

The MPPT solar charge controller is the ultimate in solar controllers. Though relatively very expensive and larger in size than their PWN counterparts, they can help users save considerable money on larger systems since they provide 10 to 30% more power to the battery than the PWM and have efficiencies reaching up to 98%. More here.

Protection Features

In addition to the protection features provided by the inverter against reverse current, overload and overcharge, the system incorporates extra protection features including AC and DC circuit breakers and surge adapters. They offer additional protection to the client's investment. They also make it easy and safe to disconnect the system from the panels in the case of emergencies like lightning that could damage the inverter or solar panel fires.

SolarKobo helps its clients in Lagos and elsewhere in Nigeria figure out their power needs and make the best possible choice of all solar products including batteries, solar panels and charge controllers that meet their peculiar power needs and fit their budgets. We also have university-trained engineers who provide the best possible installation services on order.

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