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Run Your Refridgerator on a Solar/Inverter System

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

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Refrigerators are a major consideration for both homes and business owners. Colder temperatures help food stay fresh longer. Refrigerators also help to preserve or cool food.

A refrigerator can be designed to use electricity from solar panels. Read about Solar Freezers here. A refrigerator can be connected to a solar power system and used directly as an appliance. Refrigerators require access to continuous power supply and solar freezers may seem an economically viable option. However, with the right solar power configuration and power requirement calculations, you should be able to run any refrigerator with solar power as an appliance.

A SolarKobo Installation

When designing a system that will power a refrigerator for more than 5 hours daily, SolarKobo engineers take the following into consideration:

  1. The power rating of the refrigerator, factor in startup power and general peak power demand for other appliances that will use the system.

  2. Will the system usage be automatic or manual? For systems that will be used in auto-mode, we often recommend an AVR or stabilizer.

After installation, we make the following recommendations for users:

  1. A guaranteed 5-10 hours power supply daily depending on discharge rate.

  2. That system usage be kept at 50% depth of discharge. Depth of discharge is the capacity to which a battery is discharged before it is charged again. All You Need to Know About Inverter Batteries Here.

  3. And that the user strictly adheres to the system's design specifications.


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