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Solar Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are a trend in Nigeria especially with young people. On the road, while chilling with friends or while out camping, at the gym, while out taking a walk or jogging, at home, while washing, etc., we blast our favourite songs to keep us company. Sometimes, they incorporate extra features, like torchlights, that make them even more useful. They help turn our smartphones and laptops into theatres. Well, the solar industry has not ignored the rise of this new lifestyle necessity.

The Iconic JBL Lineup
How Do Solar-Powered Speakers Work?

They work like all solar-powered devices, that is, by converting sunlight, interior light, or whatever man-made light is available into electricity that is then used to power the speaker. The solar panels also perform the function of storing the electricity generated in a pre-installed lithium-ion battery for use in the absence of sunlight.

GENERAL Features

1. They are 'outdoor speakers'. Like the conventional 'outdoor speakers', they are optimized for outdoor use with protection against the elements. Regardless, they are designed to fit interior colours.

2. They are also mostly 'Bluetooth speakers' and can be used by other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Some can be used over a Wi-Fi connection.

3. They also incorporate memory card slots, USB ports and FM radios.

4. They incorporate batteries that are charged by the solar panels. Manufacturers offer multiple charging options including USB charging alongside charging from the solar panels.

5. Some incorporate additional features like flashlights and wall-mounting hardware.

6. Some also come in pairs.

7. Some incorporate a 'powerbank' that can charge cellphones. Some also enable direct phone charging from the solar cells.

Choosing A Solar Speaker

There are no special considerations for solar outdoor speakers other than the usual ones for all outdoor and wireless speakers: appropriateness for outdoor use, audio quality, price, portability, charging flexibility, durability, ease of use, aesthetics, water-resistant and splash-proof design parameters, etc.

ROCK SOLAR SPEAKER: Manufacturers Like Alpine Offer Solar Speakers In this Very Outdoor-Blending Design

However, since solar Bluetooth speakers offer an extra advantage and make greater use of the outdoors than their conventional counterparts, they are more expensive than the conventional ones. But they give a return on their value in no time. They are widely available in Nigerian markets.


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