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Solar Carport Installation at Sangotedo, Lagos

Project Description

Solar panels are mostly mounted on roofs. Naturally, they are designed to be mounted on roofs. Otherwise, solar panels can also be mounted on the ground. In designing a solar system for mounting on the ground, a metal frame support is often constructed to lift the weight off the ground and bear the weight of the panel array. Solar carports are ground-mounted solar arrays that double as carports. They are raised at considerable height above the ground to give them the additional utility of serving as shades for vehicles or for other use. Most Nigerian banks use the carport mounting system.

At 7.5kW, this carport is one of Solarkobo's largest systems. Designed to meet the clients net energy needs without much concerns for grid power deficits, it incorporated the following:

1. Eighteen (18) 200W monocrystalline Suncrown solar panels connected in 6 strings of 3 panels each;

2. Twenty-four (24) 500Ah Narada OPzV batteries. (OPzV batteries are types of the tubular-plated lead battery. Its electrolyte is made into gel by the addition of silica dust. Hence they are also referred to as "silicone batteries". Also, the OPzV is valve-regulated, sealed and thus, maintenance-free for life. Learn more here.)

3. A 7.5kVA Sukam inverter;

4. A 100A Epever MPPT charge controller;

5. In addition to the protection offered by inverter against overload, reverse current, etc., an additional layer of protection to the client's investment in the form of AC and DC circuit breakers and surge adapters.

6. A metal framework for supporting the panels on both the carport and the additional roof-mounted ones on the outbuilding.

7. And a dedicated battery room.

a solarkobo installation
a solarkobo carport installation
a solarkobo carport installation

a solarkobo installation of a dedicated battery room
a solarkobo installation of a dedicated battery room

SolarKobo helps homeowners and businesses in Lagos and elsewhere in Nigeria figure out their power needs and make the best possible choice of all solar products including batteries, solar panels and charge controllers that meet their peculiar power needs and fit their budgets. We also have university-trained engineers who provide the best possible installation services on order.


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