Solar Laptop Chargers

Updated: Jan 16

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Innovations in the use of panels to generate electricity from sunlight have reached all aspects of our daily lives, one of which is the solar charger for laptops. For Nigerian users, solar laptop chargers are by all means, huge game-changers.

Solar laptop charger are a type of portable solar generators. (Read more about solar generators and their counterpart, portable inverter generators here.) They work in ways similar to both a PV system and traditional chargers. As photovoltaic systems, they convert sunlight into electricity. As traditional chargers, they are plug-and-use devices.


Your choice of solar laptop charger depends on your needs and of course, your budget. But generally, solar laptop chargers have the following main features.

  1. Multi-Purpose: Most of them usually come as a kit that includes various plugs and adapters to fit different devices, from smartphones and tablets to laptops.

  2. Some are designed as laptop chargers that come complete with an onboard battery or battery pack which store charge for use when there is no sunlight. These are best described as 'Solar Power Banks'. Power banks are generally c