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Solar Modules: 60-Cell Vs 72-Cell

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

A solar panel is made up of cells packaged and connected to form a module that is available in different voltages and wattages. These modules, according to industry standards, can either contain 60 Cells or 72 Cells.

The only difference between 60-Cell and 72-Cell solar panels is merely in their size. The 72 cell solar modules have 12 more cells and thus are about a foot larger.

Except for space and of course, more output, there are no differences between the two types of modules. The difference becomes more consequential on a larger scale. The thumb rule is to go for what fits the available space, one's power needs and of course one's budget. Our engineers at SolarKobo will help you choose what suits your peculiar needs and the module that fits your budget.


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