A Complete Review of JA Solar Panels

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Manufacturer's Profile

JA Solar is a Chinese company that was founded in 2005 and is based in Shanghai, China. JA Solar designs, develops, manufactures and sells solar wafers, cells and other solar module products. JA Solar is a leading manufacturer and innovator of high-efficiency solar panels and renewable energy technology. In 2018, JA Solar completed a merger with JASO Acquisition Limited a wholly-owned subsidiary of JASO Holdings.

As of 2019, JA Solar has 22,000 employees working across 32 factories and branches around the world. With 9 manufacturing facilities in China and one in Malaysia and Vietnam and a total annual production capacity of 13.5 GW, JA Solar is the world's third largest manufacturer of solar panel modules as at September 2020.The brand enjoys a high reputation in Nigeria for their quality, durability and aesthetics.


JA Solar utilizes two primary solar cell technologies in their solar panels, PERC (P-Type) and N-Type. PERC stands for Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell or Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact. PERC that adds a dielectric passivation layer on the rear of the cell. The extra layer is to allow more sunlight to be captured and turned into electricity with the goal of increasing the efficiency of PERC cells over traditional solar cells.

Image Source: Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH)
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First invented by a Canadian scientist, Martin Green, PERC technology has been around since 1989, but with steady improvements in the technology over the years, PERC modules now have an efficiency that is at least 1 percentage point higher than that of standard modules. Given that a standard module typically has an average efficiency of 16%, a sys