Types of Solar Panel Warranties

What Is Solar Panel Warranty?

The warranty of a solar panel is an agreement from a solar manufacturer, dealer or installer that assures the buyer that he is protected against panel failure and the losses and strain that come with it. The agreement which becomes effective upon purchase assures the buyer that the panel can be expected to be reliable and function optimally for a specified duration and under certain conditions. Warranty offered on solar panels vary between products and solar companies. Warranty is measured in years. Depending on the choice of solar panel brand, warranty offerings from solar panel manufacturers range from 10 to 25 years.

A warranty is in some ways a measure of the quality of the solar panel. It is an expression of the faith of the manufacturer in their product. A comprehensive warranty lasting years, even decades, not only gives customers confidence, but it shows the confidence the manufacturers have in their product. A company producing unreliable and shoddy equipment would not be able to offer a 25-year warranty on its products. Read our article on how to tell the best solar panel brands here.

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Types of Solar Panel Warranties

There are two types of warranties for solar panels:

1. Performance guarantee and

2. Product guarantee.

Product Warranty

A solar panel’s product warranty insures the integrity of the panel itself and protects the buyer against problems such as manufacturing defects, environmental issues, premature wear and tear and others.

Product warranties are to protect the buyer from