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Prices Of Solar Panels in Lagos, Nigeria

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

We have compiled a comprehensive price list of solar panels that are available in markets in Lagos, Nigeria. For ease of access, we organized them in ascending order, according to the technology used in making them or type and capacity. Be sure to read our articles on the science of solar panels, the types of solar panels, the cost of solar panels, etc. on our blog to learn more about solar panels, how they work, the different types of solar panels and the technology behind their production, etc.

Note that due to commodity shocks and of course, fluctuations in the exchange rates, prices are subject to change without warning. Also, manufacturers reserve the right to change the prices of their products without any prior warnings. The prices listed here also does not include installation fees and extra fees that might accrue due to logistics, transportation for instance.

The goal is to have something that can help you quickly put together a budget. However, you can request a tailor-made quote from SolarKobo that meets your power needs and fits your budget and it will be sent to you at a short notice. We will regularly update the list to reflect any changes. Prices are in Naira.

80W Mono

Crown Micro 18,000

Unilite 20,000

150W Mono

Flames 24,750

Sukam 32,000

Unilite 28,500

Flames 28,000

150W Poly

A&E Dunamis 24,000

200W Poly

Sunshine 34,000

200W Mono

Sunshine 34,000

Sukam 33,000

Rubitec 31,500

Flames 39,000

250W Poly

Sunshine 35,000

Generic 39,000

SKG 45,000

Prag 50,000

255W Poly

Trina 55,000

250W Mono

SMK Panels 42,000

Crown Micro 51,000

Rubitec 50,000

Flames 52,000

A&E Dunamis 48,000

Felicity 60,000

Auxano 63,000

Sunpower 55,000

270W Poly

Trina 62,000

Canadian Solar 65,000

270W Mono

Prag 69,100

Mercury 48,000

280W Poly

Era Solar 45,500

280W Mono

Prag 70,500