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Prices of Inverter Batteries in Lagos, Nigeria

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

We have compiled a list of prices of inverter batteries available in markets in Lagos Nigeria. We have organized them in ascending order, according to their technology, brand, manufacturers and capacity. Be sure to read our articles on inverter batteries on our blog to learn all about inverter batteries, the role that batteries play in inverter systems, the different types of inverter batteries, and what distinguishes a type from another, etc.

Note that due to commodity shocks and of course, fluctuations in the exchange rates, prices are subject to change without warning from dealers. Also, manufacturers reserve the right to change the prices of their products without any prior warnings. The prices listed here also does not include installation fees and extra fees that might accrue due to logistics, transportation for instance.

Also note that batteries of two similar power ratings and from the same manufacturer may be sold at different prices depending on technology, design and/or type of electrolyte. In those cases, we have indicated them by adding their technology, design and type of electorate to distinguish them (SMF, VRLA, Gel, AGM, SAGM, FLA, Li-ion). The definitive battery technology is the Flooded Lead Acid (FLA), in other words unless otherwise indicated, most batteries listed here are FLA. Read all about inverter batteries here. The prices listed here are medium range prices or rather 'best' or 'bargain' prices sourced from various dealers and online retailers. Depending on the dealer, they can be expected to be either slightly above or below. The goal is to have something that can help you quickly put together a budget. However, you can request a full quote from SolarKobo that meets your power needs and reflects the best market situation and it will be sent to you at a shortest possible notice. We will regularly update the list to reflect any changes. Prices are in Naira.


Gaston 40Ah 26,000

Zedix 100Ah 32,000

Sun Test 100Ah 40,000

Capital 40Ah 43,000

Gacia SMF 100Ah 45,000

Mercury 65Ah 47,000

Famicare 100Ah 50,000

Luminous 100Ah 50,000

Croc 100Ah 50,000

Ritar 100Ah 53,000

Sun Test 100Ah 54,000

Mercury 100Ah 55,000

Allgrand 100Ah 55,000

Cosmos 100Ah 60,000

Proton 100Ah 60,000

Nexus 100Ah 62,000

Gacia VRLA 100Ah 64,000

Signal 100Ah 65,000

Gaston 100Ah 67,000

Thundervolt AGM 100Ah 70,000

Amaron 100Ah 75,000

Trojan Li-ion 110Ah 285,000


Top Light 150Ah 58,000

Green Power 150Ah 60,000

Altimate 150Ah 64,000

Croc 150Ah 65,000

Quanta 130Ah 69,000

Generic 120Ah 70,000

Luminous 150Ah 73,000

Altimate 180Ah 75,000

Ritar 150Ah 75,000

Signal 150Ah 75,000

eVolt 150Ah 80,000

Proton 150Ah 80,000

Nexus 150Ah 86,000

Flames 120Ah 90,000

Trojan 170Ah 90,000

Generic 160Ah 90,000

Gaston 150Ah 98,000

Novel Star 150Ah 100,000

Thundervolt 150Ah 110,000

Trojan, 8V 170Ah 110,000

Quanta 150Ah 125,000

Trojan FLA 150Ah 148,000

Varta 150Ah 150,000

Monbat 185Ah 160,000


US Battery FLA 220Ah 70,000

Prag Standard 200Ah 72,500

Network 210Ah 72,000

FJC Standard 200Ah 78,000

Top Light 200Ah 79,000

GLT 200Ah 81,000

Sun Test 200Ah 84,000

GBM 200Ah 84,000

Sun Power 200Ah 84,000

Altimate 200Ah 84,000

Superceed 200Ah 90,000

Genus 200Ah 94,000

eVolt 200Ah 100,000

iCellpower 200Ah 100,000

Felicity 200Ah 100,000

Mpower AGM 200Ah 100,000

iPower 200Ah 100,000

Mercury Elite FLA 200Ah 100,000

Maxtron 200Ah 103,000

Sinergy 200Ah 104,000

Famicare 200Ah 105,000

Multipower 200Ah 105,000

Trojan 225Ah 105,000

Zedix 200Ah 105,000

Blue Gate 200Ah 107,000

Cosmos 210Ah 110,000

Nexus SMF 200Ah 110,000

Genus 200Ah 110,000

Signal 200Ah 110,000

Generic 200Ah 110,000

Proton 200Ah 115,000

Eastman 200Ah 115,000

Access 200Ah 115,000

Luminous 200Ah 115,000

Ritar 200Ah 120,000

Safe Power 200Ah 120,000

Sukam 200Ah 120,000

Sun Test 200Ah 120,000

Ultron 200Ah 125,000

Jackson 200Ah 125,000

Afriipower 200Ah 125,000

Gennex 200Ah 125,000

Gaston 200Ah 125,000

Nexus 200Ah 128,000

Luminous SMF 200Ah 130,000

Okaya 200Ah 130,000

Cloud Energy 200Ah 130,000

Gacia 210Ah 130,000

Safepower 200Ah 130,000

Quanta 200Ah 144,000

US Battery 200Ah 140,000

Mercury Elite AGM 200Ah 140,000

Deka 210Ah 195,000

Exide 230Ah 230,000

Victron 220Ah 230,000

Prag AGM Premium+ 200Ah 170,000

Trojan AGM 205Ah 170,000

Prag Gel Tubular 200Ah 180,000

Gacia 250Ah 190,000


Prag Standard 260Ah 83,600

Prag AGM Premium 295Ah 104,000

Foresolar 250Ah 130,000

Gaston 200Ah 135,500

US Battery 385Ah 142,000

Prag AGM Premium 200Ah 160,000

A&E Dunamis 200Ah 160,000

Trojan 315Ah 160,000


Thundervolt SAGM 400Ah 145,000

Hoppecke 750Ah 155,000

Hoppecke 1120Ah 195,000

Sunlight 800Ah 202,600

Sunlight 1000Ah 246,800

Hoppecke 1500Ah 250,000

Ritar 3,000Ah 300,000

Hoppecke 2300Ah 350,000

Sunlight 1500Ah 348,500

Trojan 1225Ah 495,000

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