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MK/Deka Batteries

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Manufacturer's Profile

MK/Deka batteries, or just 'Deka Batteries' as they are known in the Nigerian market, are made by MK Battery, a subsidiary of East Penn Manufacturing Co. They are made in the largest single-site, lead battery manufacturing facility in the world. Started in 1946, seven decades ago, East Penn employs 10,500 full-time employees, 515 product designs, operations around the world, and has won hundreds of awards for industry excellence.

MK was independently founded in January 1983 by Mark Wels and Mark Kettler. In 1995, it was acquired by East Penn. MK Battery continues as a subsidiary of East Penn as one of the largest sealed VRLA battery distributers in North America. It is headquartered in Anaheim, CA and operates in multiple locations across the United States, Europe and Australia.

MK/Deka batteries are made in the United States with Advanced American Technology employing modern computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques. MK/Deka Batteries are put through over 250 quality control checks and are factory-tested before being released into the market.

The East Penn manufacturing site includes a modern U.S. EPA permitted lead smelter, refinery and recycling centre where virtually 100% of every used lead-acid battery returned to East Penn is recycled.

It is no surprise that a company with such a heavyweight profile makes what is perhaps the most trusted and reputable battery brand in Nigeria.

Types of MK/Deka Batteries

Deka Solar Gel Monobloc Batteries 6/12V

All Deka Solar Batteries are deep cycle batteries. They are thus designed to be regularly deeply discharged using most of its capacity.

  1. Batteries of this type are Gel batteries. Gel batteries have their acid electrolyte made into a gel-like liquid. This is done by adding silica dust to the electrolyte, forming a thick putty-like gel. Read more here.

  2. Batteries in this range are completely maintenance-free. Read about maintenance-free batteries here.

  3. MK/Deka promises less than 2% per month self-discharge on batteries in this range. This means little deterioration during transport and storage.

  4. They are valve-regulated. The sealed construction eliminates periodic watering, corrosive acid fumes and spills.

  5. They come with forged terminals and bushings assuring no leakage.

The Deka Solar Gel Monobloc Come in These Designs

Deka Solar AGM Monobloc Batteries 6/12V

  1. They are designed using the Sealed Absorbed Glass Mat technology. AGM batteries have their acid electrolyte held in glass mats, as opposed to freely flooding the plates. Read more here.

  2. They are valve-regulated for efficient recombination.

  3. They are also completely maintenance-free.

  4. They come with forged terminals and bushings that assure no leakages.

  5. MK/Deka promises less than 2% per month self-discharge on batteries in this range. This means little deterioration during transport and storage.

Deka Solar Flooded Monobloc Batteries 6/12V

Unlike the Gel and AGM types, Deka batteries of this type are not maintenance-free. They are simple flooded lead acid batteries. The Deka Solar Flooded Monobloc series include 3 cell (6 volt) and 6 cell (12 volt) batteries.


Deka also makes three types of 2Volt batteries that are sold either as a single cell or as a complete system. Their 2Volt batteries are for higher power.

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Deka Unigy II AGM Modules 2V

The Deka Unigy II 2-volt battery is available as either a single cell or system design, and features a wide range of capacities with ratings from 91 - 2000 AH.

Deka Unigy II Battery Systems are ideal for a variety of high-power applications: telecommunications, switchgear control, cellular radio, renewables, railroad signals/communications and UPS. System configurations include 24V and 48V for telecommunications and 120V, 240V, and 480V for UPS and switchgear control.

This system is designed to deliver more power in less space while maintaining cooling requirements.

A Deka Unigy 11

Deka Solar Maintenance Saver Flooded System 2V

Deka batteries of this type are 2Volt batteries that are flooded. They are designed to offer reliable, low maintenance power for renewable energy applications where frequent deep cycles are required and minimum maintenance is desirable.

MK/Deka batteries are guaranteed by their manufacturers for up to 24 months for direct purchasers. SolarKobo is an authorised importer, retailer and distributor of MK/Deka Batteries in Nigeria. MK/Deka batteries have been a most reliable part of our installations.


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