Pre-Wired Inverter Systems

Updated: Mar 13

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The standard installation practice is to have the different components of a solar power system acquired separately and then installed together. These different components are mostly of different brands. The reason is because most systems have to be tailor-made for the peculiar needs of each user and also for flexibility in costs.

With pre-wired or pre-assembled stand alone systems, manufacturers eliminate the need for additional installation procedures and of course, costs. Though the eliminated installation costs may be replaced by increase in shipping costs, pre-wired systems give a clean and compact installation. Such systems are mostly for off-grid installations in very remote places.

Premium inverter brands, Outback, Shneider, Midnite Solar and Magnum offer brands of pre-wired systems. Companies like Solar Nexus use industry-made chassis to assemble a full solar power system for shipping to remote locations.

Solar Nexus specializes in pre-assembling solar power systems for remote locations.

Pre-assembled systems can also be provided locally mostly for wall mount or for placement on rails or floor. After assembly on a board or chassis, the system is tested before delivery.