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Fullriver Batteries

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Manufacturer's Profile

The makers of Fullriver batteries, Fullriver Battery, founded in 1995, is an American company, headquartered in Southern California with engineering support from Europe and China. To ensure quality control, Fullriver controls the entire manufacturing process of their batteries in an impressive 800,000 square feet manufacturing facility.


Fullriver batteries are maintenance-free, sealed and valve-regulated. Fullriver copy-sales its batteries as 'Set It and Forget It' because as sealed and maintenance-free batteries, they do not require constant checks or care and are non-hazardous. Also, as they are spill-proof, they can be installed and operated in any orientation.

Fullriver batteries are designed to give the highest possible reserve capacity, longest cycle life and low internal resistance, while achieving superior cranking performance.


Fullriver offers two series of deep cycle batteries built for solar and inverter storage systems.

1.DC Series AGM Batteries

Fullriver batteries in this series are AGM batteries. Batteries in this series come in voltage rating from 2V, 6V,8V to12V.

DC Series AGM Batteries

2. DCG Series GEL Batteries

Batteries in this series are gel cell batteries. Batteries in this series come in voltage rating from 6V, 8V to12V.

SMF batteries generally cost more to manufacture because the design is more complex. The premium price on SMF batteries is to compensate for a lack of maintenance so life can go on in other directions. Fullriver batteries have a strong reputation in the Nigerian market among users, dealers and installers. Fullriver batteries are a time- and money-secure investment.

Solarkobo helps its clients in Lagos and everywhere in Nigeria make the best choices of batteries and other solar and inverter components.

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