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Recent Project at Eti-Osa, Lagos


A power audit followed the initial contact with this client. Our engagement engineer determined the peculiar energy needs of the client, the load requirements to meet those needs, the amount of grid-power and the architectural space available to him. A bespoke hybrid system that will incorporate solar panels and batteries was then recommended and afterwards designed.

Solar Panels

Three (3) 350W Era Solar monocrystalline all-black solar panels was used in designing the system.

In an all-black cell, the electrical contacts that connect the cells to each other and to the modules terminals, otherwise called fingers and busbars are generally not visible on the surface. They are installed on the rear side of the panel. This not only brings more effective power generation area to users by reducing loses due to the busbars and fingers blocking out the sunlight, but also helps to improve power generation efficiency. Also, with a crisp appearance and an all-black aesthetic, all-black or non-busbar solar panels are by far the most beautiful of the different designs. They are also much easier to visually integrate into roofs.

Learn more here.

a solarkobo installation

Inverter, Charge Controller and Battery

The system incorporates a1200VA Cypberpower inverter and two (2) Ritar batteries. The batteries are AGM meaning that they are maintenance-free for life. This removes concerns by the clients about any regular maintenance procedures. AGM batteries are also leak-proof. They eliminate worries about explosions and constant maintenance. They are also the safest battery technology.

A 40A Epever MPPT charge controller was added to the installation. Read why Epever charge controllers come highly recommended here. The MPPT solar charge controller is the ultimate in solar controllers. Though relatively very expensive and larger in size, they can help users save considerable money on larger systems since they provide 10 to 30% more power to the battery than the PWM and have efficiencies reaching up to 98%.

a solarkobo installation

Battery Monitor

A distinctive feature of this installation is the battery monitor. A battery monitor is a standard requirement by SolarKobo for an inverter and battery warranty.

A battery meter or monitor can help users keep track of the battery performance to maximize efficiency. They can also be used to remotely configure the battery system. Learn all about battery monitors here.

Protection Features

In addition to the protection features provided by the inverter against reverse current, overload and overcharge, the system incorporates extra protection features including AC and DC circuit breakers and surge adapters. They offer additional protection to the client's investment. They also make it easy and safe to disconnect the system from the panels in the case of emergencies like lightning that could damage the inverter or solar panel fires.


Designed for residential use, the solar panel were mounted on the roof and the batteries, charge controller and inverter installed in a non-living corner of the house.

SolarKobo helps its clients in Lagos and everywhere in Nigeria figure out their power needs and make the best possible choice of all solar products including batteries, solar panels and charge controllers. We also have university-trained engineers who provide the best possible installation services on order.

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