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Recent Project at Ihiala, Anambra State

Updated: Feb 27, 2022


The project was a considerably large hybrid power system that was tied to the grid but not necessarily dependent on it. The system was designed for constant use, not merely to provide a few hours of backup power.

Solar Panels

Ten (10) 370W monocrystalline Era Solar panels were connected in five (5) strings of two (2) panels each with expected production capacity of 3700W.

Monocrystalline panels were used in designing the system. Mono panels are the oldest and most developed of solar panel technologies. They are generally regarded as as the premium in solar panels. Learn about the different types of solar panel technologies here.

Designed with building space in mind, the solar panels were mounted on the roof. Solar panel modules require a special way of attaching them to surfaces and holding them in place. They are not weldered, soldered or hammered as they contain delicate parts that would be destroyed in the process. A solar mounting system is a metal structure or parts that are used to secure solar panels to structures. Since majority of solar panels are manufactured to be installed on rooftops, solar mounting systems are metal parts that are used to secure solar panels to rooftops in most cases. They are often an integral part of the entire solar electricity system design for retrofitting onto rooftops. More here.

a solarkobo installation


An 6kVA Growatt Inveter was used. Growatt inverters are pure sine wave hence they produce a clean electricity for appliances and appliances that use them do not make a continuous humming or buzzing sound. The major advantage of a pure sine wave inverter is that all appliances which are sold on the market are designed for a pure sine wave. Using a pure sine wave inverter guarantees that the appliances will work to its full specifications and achieve optimal efficiency. Also, appliances run faster, quieter and cooler. Pure sine wave output voltage waveform is as clean as, and perhaps even better than, utility-supplied or grid electricity.

The definitive feature of Growatt inverters is that they are transformerless inverters. The major difference between the conventional inverter and the transformerless inverter is that the transformer is replaced with a computerized multi-step process and other electronic components. These components play the role of the transformer, that is, convert the DC generated by the solar panels to AC.

As TL inverters has no transformer, Growatt inverters are light, compact, and far relatively cheaper than conventional inverters.

a solarkobo installation


Eight (8) Ritar AGM batteries, at 48V each were used for the system. Their role is to provide the DC that is to be converted to AC by the inverter for use in appliances and to store energy produced from solar panels for later use especially in the absence of sunlight and grid power. They contribute the most to the total financial investment on the system.

The choice of AGM batteries was because they are the safest battery design. They emit gases only when severely overcharged. They eliminate worries about explosions. They are also maintenance-free for life and do not require constant maintenance.

Charge Controller

This system dispenses with a charge controller because the inverter incorporates a 100A charge controller.

Protection Features

In addition to the protection features provided by the inverter against reverse current overload and overcharge, the system incorporates extra protection features including AC and DC circuit breakers and surge adapters. They offer additional protection to the client's investment. They also make it easy and safe to disconnect the system from the panels in the case of emergencies like lightning that could damage the inverter or solar panel fires.

SolarKobo helps its clients in Lagos and elsewhere in Nigeria make the best possible choice of all solar products including solar panels, batteries and charge controllers that meet their peculiar power needs and fits their budgets. We also have university-trained engineers who provide the best possible installation services on order.

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