Growatt Inverters: A Review

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

The makers of Growatt inverters, Growatt New Energy Technology Co. Ltd, is a Chinese solar inverter manufacturing company established in 2010. Growatt has its production plants in China, with offices in Europe, US and Australia. Growatt's products are built to comply with international standards and are ISO and OHSAS.

Growatt inverters products are distributed in Nigeria by BASSCOMM. Basscomm has its office at 6 Otuyelu close, Okupe Estate, Mende, Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria. Solar Force Nigeria also distributes Growatt products in Nigeria. Their office is at #1 Rima Street, Maitama Abuja.

General Description

Growatt inverters are pure sine wave hence they produce a clean electricity for appliances and appliances that use them do not make a continuous humming or buzzing sound.

However, the definitive feature of Growatt inverters is that they are transformerless inverters. And as is the case, they are always identified as so with a TL in their name.

Solar cells and batteries generate direct current from sunlight in the region of 12V, 24V, 48V, 72V or 96V. A transformer placed inside the inverter is used to step up the generated voltage to the 220V required by appliances. A transformer is used to step-up or step-down voltage. A transformerless inverter by definition, is an inverter which does not have a transformer. Since the function of stepping up the voltage is necessary, transformerless inverters do not dispense with it, rather the function is carried out in an entirely different manner.

The major difference between the conventional inverter and the transformerless inverter is that the transformer is replaced with a computerized multi-step process and other electronic components. These components play the role of the transformer, that is, convert the DC generated by the solar panels to AC.

As a TL inverter has no transformer, Growatt inverters are light, compact, and far relatively cheaper than conventional inverters.


  1. All Growatt inverters are pure sine wave inverters. Learn about the differences between pure and modified sine wave inverters here.

  2. Like all pure sine wave inverters, appliances do not run with a continuous buzzing or humming sound.

  3. Like most inverters, they have UPS capabilities. Thus they are able to switch without the appliances turning off.