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By way of keeping our clients informed of developments, in our Profile Series, we will profile stakeholders, companies and players in the Nigerian renewable energy industry.

Company Profile

Solarwox Renewable Energy Limited is a full-service solar and renewable company based in Lagos, Nigeria. Solarwox is a creation of former renewable energy executives of leading global energy and technology companies such as Tesla USA, Solar Grid, SolarCity and Meeco Group, Switzerland. Solarwox has its head office at Number12 F Ben Chi Onyiudo Street, Lekki Penninsula II, Lekki, Lagos.

An Installation by Solarwox (From Solarwox)


Solarwox is a full-service solar company. It provides power auditing, system design, planning, installation and post-installation maintenance for residential homes, off-grid systems, and factories. Solarwox is also a retailer and distributor of solar power products like batteries, solar panels, charge controllers and inverters. Solarwox also installs solar security systems, solar water pumps and solar streetlights.

Solarwox allows its customers the options of either paying in full or spreading their payment over a 12-month, 18-month or 36-month period.


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